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Ani Difranco

Tuesday, September 14
Show | 7:30pm // Doors | 7:30pm

The transcendent new album from Ani Di Franco, Revolutionary Love (out January 29, 2021), marks
the latest proof of one of her most powerful gifts as an artist: a rare ability to give voice to our
deepest frustrations and tensions, on both a personal and political level. “My songs have always
reflected an acute connection between my personal life and the life of my society,” says the
trailblazing musician and activist. “As I started to come out of years of dealing with marriage
problems, I saw my entire country in the same situation; the complete breakdown of communication
and loss of empathy and connection. But after what seems like unforgivable damage, then where do
you go? You can’t kick each other off the planet, you can’t change the past, so what then?”
As the 22nd studio album in an iconic career— a musical career which forged one degree of
separation between Pete Seeger and Prince and the accompanying career of founding her own
precedent-setting label, Righteous Babe Records—Revolutionary Love began taking shape in the
final weeks before the Covid 19 pandemic came to change the plans of everyone everywhere.
Returning home to New Orleans from a West Coast tour in February of 2020, with a new batch of
songs written on the road, Di Franco found herself without a path to recording those songs and lost
in the creative abyss of the collective need for social isolation. “And then I decided I wanted to start
pushing this new music out by fall… before the election,” she recalls. “I felt very strongly that I
needed a horse to ride to try to help get out the vote—to get people inspired and get them believing
in democracy, believing in each other and in themselves.”
Di Franco began to explore using live recordings from the tour